UST Trust Overview

Unemployment for Nonprofit Organizations

Reduce Unemployment and HR Liability

Asset Protection & Savings 

Unemployment claims are unavoidable. But you can still protect your assets and cashflow from unexpected volatility as a reimbursing employer through UST.

Our actuarial model helps predict claims activity so funds are available when you need them most. And with convenient, quarterly deposits, you can budget accordingly. 

Unlike traditional insurance or taxes, the funds deposited with UST remain the asset of your organization and can help offset your entire cost of membership. 

UST regularly reviews member accounts for excess funding. Beginning in your third year of participation, any excess funds identified are refunded to your organization. You can request a check or use the funds as a credit against future deposits. Your money continues to work for you!

Sudden, large layoffs can feel catastrophic. With UST’s unemployment for nonprofit organizations, you're protected. If UST members face claims charges that exceed their reserve balance, UST will temporarily cover the excess and give your organization one year to reimburse your fund. In addition, UST's stop-loss protection can offset your claims cost when annual claims cost exceed certain payroll-based thresholds. UST is designed to ensure that 503(c)(3) unemployment volatility never threatens your mission!

Claims Managment

From e-filing unemployment claims to representation at protest hearings, UST Trust has you covered. UST's dedicated claims administrator follows your claim from the day it's filed—leaving you with a simple, worry-free process.

Experienced in state-specific law and regulatory knowledge, UST's claims representatives help nonprofits navigate complex questions, attend all hearings with your organization, help prepare documentation and testimony and even deliver opening and closing statements—helping your nonprofit win more claims and save significantly on costs associated with unemployment for nonprofit workers.

With 24/7 access to UST's state-of-the-art online claims dashboard, nonprofits can view their claim status, pending to-do items and reports, all conveniently located in one place.

Let us help you make administering unemployment benefits for nonprofit organizations a simple and worry-free process. 

Outplacement & Career Transition Services

Helping former employees find work sooner directly impacts your bottom line. Every week of unemployment liability removed is a direct reduction in your costs.

With UST’s Outplacement & Career Transition Services, powered by INTOO, you can help your employees find work up to 73% faster—boosting their confidence and reducing time in unemployment.

UST Trust members automatically receive access to INTOO’s award-winning Flex Program. This provides any selected former employee six months of access to: professional career coaches, interactive resume builder, a job search platform, social media account integration, and best practice tips and tools.

As part of our nonprofit human resource management, outplacement services can help foster goodwill and avoids potential litigation, while reducing claims duration—a win-win for you and your former employees.

UST HR Workplace

UST helps nonprofits avoid wasting valuable time researching HR questions, creating employee handbooks from scratch, or staying up-to-date on the latest labor laws and regulatory changes. UST HR Workplace, powered by Mineral, provides nonprofit employers with the vital resources they need to create a safe, compliant and productive workplace.

Live HR Hotline

When it comes to HR issues, there is no substitute for talking with an expert. With UST HR Workplace, nonprofits can access certified HR Advisors through a live hotline. Whether offering a second opinion, researching an answer, or coaching organizations through workforce issues, these HR experts are there when you need them.

Thousands of Downloadable Documents

No more creating HR forms from scratch or researching rules for ACA, FMLA, overtime, and employee classification. UST HR Workplace provides nonprofits thousands of downloadable forms, documents, tools, and checklists. Dynamic resources allow nonprofits to create and update handbooks, search for state-specific laws, and receive the latest news on changing regulations to help ensure full compliance.

On-Demand Employee Training Courses

Want over 300 of the most-requested online employee training courses... at no additional cost? UST HR Workplace users have the ability to administer courses to employees and get updates on their progress on a number of topics, including workplace safety, ethics, harassment and discrimination, project management, managing and developing employees, and much more! Why risk a single lawsuit or compliance penalty? The UST HR Workplace is included with all UST programs, and can be purchased a-la-cart for a low monthly cost. Start your free 60-day trial today!

If you're interested in the unemployment and risk management tools, but want to maintain full control of your own funding, check out our UST Support program! If you're interested in both the cash flow protection and cost-saving tools—but would like a more conventional insurance option—then check out our UST Secure program!

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