UST Support Overview

Nonprofit Unemployment

Workforce Solutions for Nonprofits with Stable Operating Funds

UST Support provides many of the same resources and benefits as the UST Trust solution, with a few significant distinctions. Participants in this program have access to UST’s most popular nonprofit organization unemployment and HR management tools, but do NOT deposit funds into a UST-managed reserve. This offers organizations more control over their protection, deficit funding, and bond placement.

UST Support is an ideal option for nonprofits with their own well-managed cash reserves and investment strategies, who want to maintain control of their organization's funding and cash flow strategies.

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Claims Management & Administration

UST makes nonprofit unemployment benefits management and administration a worry-free process. From e-filing claims of unemployment for nonprofit employees to representation at a claims hearing protest, our unemployment experts provide nonprofits often needed back office support. Nonprofits have 24/7 access to UST’s state-of-the-art online claims dashboard, and can view their claim status, pending to-do items and reports, all at the click of a button.

Appeal Hearings Representation

Our hearing representatives are well-versed in state-specific laws and regulations. They help nonprofits navigate complex claim questions, prepare documentation and testimony, attend all hearings with the organization, and even deliver opening and closing statements to assist nonprofits in winning unemployment appeal hearings when benefits aren’t warranted.

Professional Actuarial Forecasting

For reimbursing participants, our professional actuarial services assist participating members in projecting their unemployment benefit claims costs based on proprietary custom designed models. As Reimbursing employers, members' unemployment claims data is reviewed to create an actuarial projection of expected claims cost.

Outplacement & Career Transition Services

With UST’s Outplacement & Career Transition Services, powered by INTOO, you can help your employees find work up to 73% faster—boosting their confidence and reducing time in unemployment. UST Support members automatically receive unlimited access to INTOO’s award-winning Flex Program.

This provides any selected former employee six months of access to: professional career coaches, an interactive resume builder, a job search platform, social media account integration, and best practice tips and tools.

Offering outplacement services can help foster goodwill and avoid potential litigation, while reducing claims duration—a win-win for you and your former employees.

UST HR Workplace

UST HR Workplace helps our nonprofit customers maintain a safe, compliant and productive workplace through a host of program resources. This robust suite of HR services, powered by Mineral, provides extensive access to online training and resources and SPHR and PHR certified professionals.

Live HR Hotline

When it comes to HR issues, there is no substitute for talking with an expert. With UST HR Workplace, nonprofits have access to certified HR Advisors through a live hotline. Whether offering a second opinion, researching an answer, or coaching organizations through workforce issues, these experts are there when you need them.

Thousands of Downloadable Documents

No more creating HR forms from scratch or researching rules for ACA, FMLA, overtime, or employee classification. Dynamic access to thousands of forms, documents, tools, and checklists allow nonprofits to create and update handbooks, search for state-specific laws, and receive the latest news on changing regulations to help ensure full compliance and more.

On-Demand Employee Training Courses

UST Support participants now can administer courses to employees and get updates on their progress on a number of topics, including workplace safety, ethics, harassment and discrimination, project management, managing and developing employees. With over 300 online employee training courses available, it's free and convenient.

Why risk a single lawsuit or compliance penalty? The UST HR Workplace is included with all UST programs, and can be purchased a-la-cart for a low monthly cost. Start your free 60-day trial today!

Interested in these workforce management tools, but would like some additional funding protection? Check out the UST Secure program to learn more about our unemployment insurance or the UST Trust program to learn about our self-funded reserve option.

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