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Everything We Can Do for Your Nonprofit


UST supports organizations like yours with comprehensive HR resources for nonprofits. Our capabilities save these groups money and time by offering nonprofit HR solutions that take the burden of these responsibilities off their shoulders.The majority of them do not have the resources available to keep a full-time nonprofit HR team on their payrolls. This means they often are stretched to the limit with regard to these tasks, putting them at risk of noncompliance. Our HR services for nonprofits eliminate the guesswork from managing day-to-day operational challenges. With our experts working closely by their sides, our members can be confident that they will use the proper unemployment payment options, minimize their unemployment claims liability, increase employee engagement, maintain compliance, and maintain goodwill with former staff members.

Our capabilities when it comes to human resources in nonprofit organizations protect our members from liabilities that can harm their ability to fulfill their missions. Creating an account with UST means any funds deposited remain the nonprofit’s assets, unlike traditional insurance or taxes. This helps protect these groups from unexpected volatility in the event of unemployment claims. We also provide complete claims management support with a dedicated claims administrator. This means nonprofits can benefit from support including e-filing claims to hearing representation at protest improper claims. Outplacement and career transition services also help former employees re-enter the workforce much sooner than they would on their own, saving their former employers a significant amount.

We provide our members with integrated virtual HR solutions. These include an online platform of tools, templates, and training programs that help them create a safe, compliant, and productive workplace. More than 300 online courses are provided to help nonprofit employees gain the skills they need to further the organization’s cause. Thousands of downloadable forms mean there is no need to spend time creating HR forms from scratch. In addition, the UST HR Workplace virtual HR solutions suite provides a live hotline to human resources advisors who are ready to answer questions along the way.

Why Choose UST?

Founded by nonprofit for nonprofits, we have been serving 501(c)(3) organizations since 1983. Our membership currently contains approximately 2,200 organizations across the country, and our members save roughly $35 million in unemployment claims each year. Nonprofits that work with us have seen savings of nearly 60% on their unemployment costs. With our support on their side, they can be certain they are receiving the highest-quality human resource service so they can concentrate on working on the real work of serving their communities.

The combination of expertise and value-added services we offer, make us an ideal partner for any 501(c)(3)nonprofit looking to find greater efficiencies and enhance their compliance. To learn more about any of our nonprofit HR solutions, reach out and speak with one of our representatives today.

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UST Partners with 501(c)(3) Organizations Across the U.S.

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