Nonprofit Management
May 18, 2018
Being on a nonprofit board can require you to wear many different hats and one of the most important aspects of being on a board is learning the budget approval process. Some board members come...
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HR Management
December 06, 2016
​​ Question: One of my best employees is asking for a raise because he found salary data on the internet that he believes shows he is underpaid. How should I handle that conversation? I...
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Nonprofit Management
March 13, 2018
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has begun its efforts to collect on Affordable Care Act (ACA) penalties by issuing Letter 226J to non-compliant businesses. There’s a chance you may have already...
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Nonprofit Management
July 07, 2017
There is not one nonprofit organization that wants to cut programs it believes furthers its mission. But too often, nonprofits keep programs long after they’ve stopped being effective and worth...
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Nonprofit Management
October 05, 2017
In order for diversity to be a part of a nonprofit organization, it must start at the top.  To achieve real and sustainable change in terms of racial equity toward those we serve, we must...
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Nonprofit Management
November 22, 2017
Just two decades ago, jobs were for life – even if you hated yours. Offices were often dark and dingy, promotions were rare, there was no such thing as ergonomic desks and even smoking was...
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Nonprofit Management
November 30, 2017
As a nonprofit leader and advocate for your community, staying in front of your audience requires being current and consistent. From producing press releases, scheduling tweets, and putting in...
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Nonprofit Management
February 08, 2018
The digital age has created a new outlook on how nonprofits are viewed from the outside world. Technology has allowed the removal of certain limitations in philanthropy—granting more exposure to...
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Nonprofit Management
February 16, 2018
In the nonprofit sector, technology has provided many advances and fine-tuned processes for communication, workflows and overall functionality in the workplace environment. It has also created...
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HR Knowledge
October 13, 2016
The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has issued the Accounting Standards Update 2016-14, which contains significant changes to not-for-profit accounting standards, focusing on...
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HR Management
May 16, 2018
Question: Which employers are required to maintain records of illnesses and injuries under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) recordkeeping and reporting regulations?...
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HR Knowledge
May 11, 2018
One of the many benefits that come with having a designated person or team to handle all Human Resources related issues, is that it allows the organization to operate at its full...
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HR Knowledge
March 23, 2018
Most nonprofit leaders recognize that employee retention can be a challenge and with limited resources, can lead to a lack of employee recognition. Nonprofit employees tend to have a passion for...
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HR Knowledge
May 08, 2018
With the national unemployment rate steadily declining, and a substantial increase in expectations for competitive benefits and salaries, nonprofits are definitely feeling the squeeze—especially...
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HR Knowledge
April 25, 2018
It’s no secret that people are more health conscious today than ever before. And over the last few years, business owners have gotten on board with a massive influx of corporate wellness programs...
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HR Knowledge
April 20, 2018
Some people just exude negativity. They gripe about anything and everything. Rarely do they take responsibility and more times than not, they see themselves as the victim. Through some...
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HR Knowledge
April 10, 2018
Question: While working, an employee assaulted his coworker in our California workplace. May the injured employee pursue a workers’ compensation claim? Answer: Yes. An employee who is...
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HR Knowledge
April 06, 2018
Exit interviews can be an extremely effective tool when done properly. By gathering meaningful information from a departing employee about their experiences with your organization, you can make...
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HR Management
March 28, 2014
For employers trying to find candidates to fill general skills positions the battle to wade through the tide of resumes is daunting. Sometimes it feels as if there are 500 “good” candidates...
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HR Knowledge
March 30, 2018
Question: Can we provide summary plan descriptions (SPDs) electronically? Answer: Yes. However, just sending them is not enough to meet ERISA requirements; you must ensure the intended...
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Nonprofit Finance
May 03, 2018
In an Effort to Provide More Robust and Readily Accessible HR and Unemployment Resources to the Nonprofit Sector, UST Launches a New Website that Acts as a One-Stop-Shop for Workforce Solutions....
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Nonprofit Finance
April 27, 2018
Using a business model has grown to become an essential tool when making any business or financial decisions within the nonprofit sector. When incorporating a new business model, a few key...
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Nonprofit Finance
August 15, 2016
Sometimes the hardest part of being a nonprofit isn’t fulfilling your organization's mission — sometimes it’s just making sure there are enough supplies for everyone to use to get their jobs...
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Nonprofit Finance
July 24, 2014
Nonprofits are constantly looking for new ways to develop and achieve their mission-driven objectives. Unfortunately for smaller organizations, big aspirations aren’t generally matched by a...
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Nonprofit Finance
June 27, 2014
The very idea of a for-profit company existing without a reserve operating budget would send investors running for the hills. So why is it that there is so much pressure on nonprofit...
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Nonprofit Money Management
October 19, 2016
Get your FREE Unemployment Cost Analysis today! For most 501(c)(3) organizations with 10 or more employees, November is the month to exercise their state unemployment tax exemption for an...
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Nonprofit Finance
August 17, 2017
Utilizing State-Specific Unemployment Claims Administrators, Who Help Protest Unemployment Claims and Attend 100 % of Hearings, UST Participants Save More than $27.8 Million in Unemployment...
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Nonprofit Finance
June 22, 2017
It’s June once again, and for many of you that means the year-end closing of the books on June 30th—which means the AUDITORS will soon be coming! Presented by Jay Azar, Lindquist, LLP Director...
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Nonprofit Finance
October 08, 2016
Working on a restricted budget isn’t easy. But you can take some simple cost-cutting measures to free up some more dollars for your mission. Here are UST’s top 8: 1. Get discounts by...
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Nonprofit Finance
May 23, 2014
If your organization is dependent on government contract pay or grant pay, chances are you already know all about the headaches that come with actually getting that money. But two separate...
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