The Foster Family-based Treatment Association endorses UST to Help Member Organizations Thrive

The Unemployment Services Trust (UST) is pleased to announce that the Foster Family-based Treatment Association (FFTA) has endorsed UST.  UST will join the other member benefits offered to FFTA member organizations, and will provide a unique solution to help them reduce unemployment-related costs and manage difficult HR questions.

The UST program allows member organizations with a 501(c)(3) tax designation to better take advantage of the federal law that allows nonprofits to opt out of paying state unemployment taxes. By paying only the dollar-for-dollar cost of unemployment benefits paid to former employees, organizations that join UST lower their average claims cost to just $2,287 per claim, versus the national average of $5,174 per claim.

“We are very excited about this program because we know there is a lot of opportunity to save in the sector. We want to help foster care agencies with 10 or more employees to evaluate whether they are paying too much into the state unemployment tax system – and if so, we will provide them with a free 2-year savings projection,” said Donna Groh, Executive Director of UST.  “Our goal is to find $7 million in tax savings for nonprofits this year, and being able to reach out to foster-family organizations through the FFTA will certainly help us reach that goal.”

Groh added, “Since so many organizations don’t have the bandwidth or resources to make sure they are paying the right amount in unemployment taxes, or staying in compliance with every new HR law, UST’s expert claims advisors and HR hotline gives them the edge they need to continue to thrive and meet their missions.”

About the Foster Family-based Treatment Association (FFTA): Established in 1998, the Foster Family-based Treatment Association (FFTA) is the leader in Treatment Foster Care, dedicated to strengthening agencies that support families caring for vulnerable children. Its membership of over 400 agencies provides an array of child welfare and mental health services to over 600,000 vulnerable children and youth each year. Treatment Foster Care is provided to children and youth with significant emotional, behavioral and medical problems who receive intensive and therapeutic services in a family-based setting, with the support of specially trained foster parents and clinical staff. For more information, visit

About UST: Founded by nonprofits, for nonprofits, UST is the largest unemployment trust in the nation, providing nonprofit organizations with 10 or more employees a safe, cost-effective alternative to paying state unemployment taxes. UST has partnered with nearly 80 state and national nonprofit-based associations to teach their members about their unemployment insurance options. Visit to learn more.

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