[Webinar Recording] UST Live: Volunteer Management

From recruiting and training to engagement and retention, your organization has likely invested a great deal of time and effort into ensuring your volunteer program is successful. Volunteers make up an essential part of a nonprofit's workforce—making effective volunteer management strategies vital to an organization's day-to-day operations and key to developing and maintaining volunteers that are knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated.

In the latest rendition of UST Live, we were joined by thought leaders from across the U.S. with expertise in volunteer management. Discover how your nonprofit peers are improving volunteer retention rates while increasing engagement and what you can do to keep volunteers excited about the work your nonprofit does to support its surrounding communities in this on-demand recording of the session. You’ll also discover:

  • Ideas for increasing volunteer acquisition and retention rates
  • Tips for developing and implementing thoughtful training strategies
  • The importance of volunteer recognition and keeping them engaged

Upcoming UST Live Webinars: This webinar series was designed to equip nonprofits with the strategies and resources they need to survive (and thrive) in a constantly evolving environment. Be on the lookout for future UST Live sessions.

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