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Workforce Solutions for Nonprofits

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Nonprofit Human Resources

Your nonprofit organization needs to be focused on its mission. UST can help take the guesswork out of your operational challenges with outsourced nonprofit human resources.

With our help guiding you through human resource policy for nonprofit organizations, your employees should be free to concentrate on achieving your organizational goals. The expertise and experience we bring to the table can take one more worry off your shoulders.

Our range of workforce solutions support nonprofits' unique missions and needs.


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Reduce Unemployment and HR Liability

With the UST Trust solution, we provide an alternative to paying state unemployment taxes for 501(c)(3) nonprofits with 10 or more employees.

Unemployment claims are unavoidable. But you can still protect your assets and cashflow from unexpected volatility as reimbursing employer through UST.

Our actuarial model helps predict claims activity so funds are available when you need them most. And with convenient, quarterly deposits, you can budget accordingly. Unlike traditional insurance or taxes, the funds deposited with UST remain the asset of your organization and can help offset your entire cost of membership.

UST regularly reviews member accounts for excess funding. Beginning in your third year of participation, any excess funds identified are refunded to your organization. You can request a check or use the funds as a credit against future deposits.

Workforce Solutions for Nonprofits with Stable Operating Funds

The UST Support is a solution designed for nonprofits that have confidence in their ability to manage their cash reserves and investment strategies.

UST Support provides many of the same resources and benefits as the UST Trust solution, with a few significant distinctions. Participants in this program have access to UST’s most popular nonprofit organization unemployment and HR management tools, but do NOT deposit funds into a UST-managed reserve. This offers organizations more control over their protection, deficit funding, and bond placement.

UST makes nonprofit unemployment benefits management and administration a worry-free process. From e-filing claims of unemployment for nonprofit employees to representation at a claims hearing protest, our unemployment experts provide nonprofits often needed back office support. Nonprofits have 24/7 access to UST’s state-of-the-art online claims dashboard, and can view their claim status, pending to-do items and reports, all at the click of a button.

Resolve Critical HR Issues Quickly Easily

UST HR Workplace, powered by Mineral, is a solution offering on-demand resources for HR expertise to help nonprofits handle this aspect of their work.

Today's HR landscape is more complex than ever. Whether, navigating healthcare reform or juggling tricky terminations, nonprofit professionals don't always have the resources and support they need. That's why UST offers UST HR Workplace, powered by Mineral, as a stand-alone subscription solution of HR resources for nonprofits.

This integrated platform of HR tools, templates and trainings helps nonprofits create a safe, compliant and productive workplace. Even nonprofits that aren't members of UST Trust, can gain quick, easy access. Request a  FREE 60-Day Trial of the cloud-based HR platform today!

Even if your organization doesn’t subscribe to any of our other solutions, you still can take advantage of our virtual HR support. We’re here to provide you with the expertise and support you need when it comes to managing human resources for nonprofits. 

Fully Underwritten Program Designed to Safeguard Nonprofits

  UST Secure is an insurance solution that can give your nonprofit funding protection as well as an invaluable sense of security.

Since no nonprofit employer is alike, UST Secure is a unique program for unemployment insurance for nonprofits, created in partnership with Ohio Indemnity Company to deliver an insurance solution specifically for 501(c)(3) employers.

While unemployment claims are unavoidable, UST Secure allows you to maintain control of your unemployment funding—protecting your assets and cash flow from unexpected volatility. Your annual fee is customized based on your organization's annual wages and experience with unemployment claims—protecting you from a shared risk or shared expense.

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