UST’s Statement on the July 2017 Equifax Security Breach

September 8, 2017

Most UST participants receive unemployment claims administration from our partner, Equifax Workforce Solutions. We understand that the headlines this week—disclosing a breach of consumer data maintained by Equifax’s consumer credit reporting services—may be a source of questions or concerns for our members and prospective customers.

Equifax Workforce Solutions, while sharing a corporate relationship with the Equifax enterprise, is managed and operated as a separate entity from the credit reporting services that were targeted in the reported hack. Our representatives at Equifax Workforce Solutions have assured us that no data is shared between the two operations and that data storage and user interfaces are not linked in any way. There is no evidence that the data maintained by Equifax Workforce Solutions for UST participants was targeted or compromised in this event.

Though UST data was not implicated in this incident, we know that individuals may have further questions about whether or how the breach may have impacted them personally. Individuals who wish to learn more about their personal status and options may visit Equifax’s dedicated website, or contact Equifax at 1-866-447-7559.

The security of our members’ data is critical to UST. We work closely with our partners at Equifax Workforce Solutions to protect participants’ data, and review internal controls regularly. This week’s news is an important reminder of the need for constant vigilance in a connected world. UST’s leadership, alongside Equifax Workforce Solutions, will continue to prioritize data security, and is committed to protecting our members’ assets and interests.